Ready to start your project? Our process typically goes like this:

1. Do Your Own Research

The first thing you want to do is research. Scope out your competition. What do you have to offer that they don’t? How can you make your product/service better? The more you can tell me about how you envision your brand, the better it will help me out in designing what you wish to achieve.

A great website or design is not all about looks. It’s also about function and user experience. People now only want one thing: Information. We can’t stress enough that your website needs to be both functional and simple. If you don’t need that image on that page and it doesn’t serve a purpose, don’t use it.

2. Domain, Hosting, Security + Backups

If you are wanting to design a website, do you currently have your own domain and hosting? Is your website currently secure? We also recommend interval backups of your website and server as a safety measure. We provide many of these services as well, and we also offer them in our web packages.

3. Logo Design

For logo design, we work with Nick Saporito from Logos by NickPricing for logos ranges from $250 – $450 USD. Nick will initially send you a creative brief and you will work directly with him. Once you have your logo design squared away, come back to us and we can take the rest of the project from there.

We also suggest reading two articles on logo design that Marina wrote for This Design Girl.

4. Design Brief

Once you have purchased your service, we will send you over to fill out either a:

a) Web Design Brief and/or
b) Print Collateral Branding Brief

This will give us a better understanding of your design style and what types of web functionality you would like. We will go over things with you such as colour choices, web theme development, page content, menu navigation and photography/imagery. Please provide as much information as you can.

5. Invoice + Deposit

Once we have things squared away with the Design, you will receive an invoice of which 50% is due before commencement of project. Final balance will be due before site live (web), handing over of final artwork (print). Please read our FAQ for more information on payment options and terms.

All pricing is in CAD (Canadian Dollars) unless otherwise specified.

6. Submission of Photos + Text Copy

We will require all of your images and copy before the start of your project.

Supply your logo (in vector format).

Images + Photos
This is what makes or breaks your design and accounts for what we believe to be 75% of the wow factor. A true authentic website features your own photos taken by a professional photographer.

If your marketing budget doesn’t allow to hire a professional photographer, we suggest royalty free stock photography but select them carefully and wisely. Don’t go overboard on the visuals, but choose the best masterpieces that go with your product or service. Keep with a theme and like colours if possible.

A great resource of free stock photos with high quality calibre can be found at Let us know if you need help in choosing them.

Marina also offers stock photography available for purchase at You can view the gallery, select any images by number, and this will be added to your final invoice.

When sending your own images, make sure that they are high resolution. Name them in an organized fashion so it is easier for us to go through.

Text Copy
If you already working with our resident writer Gwen (some of our packages include copyrighting), please send all text copy in one document (ie. Microsoft Word). Each section should be separated by a new page.

We also encourage you to provide any sketches (even if you have to use a napkin), drawings, other samples to aid in the design process.

7. Proofing, Changes + Turnaround

Once deposit has been received, we will send you a proof of the artwork at a specified time frame depending on your project (usually between 7-10 business days on regular projects). You are allowed 3 rounds of revisions for changes/modifications. This is why it is important to have all of your ducks in a row! If changes/modifications exceed 3 passes, our hourly rate of $80 will be applied.

Once deposit has been received, we will send you 2 logo concepts (depending on our current schedule, this can happen between 7-10 business days.) You are allowed 3 rounds of revisions for changes/modifications. We encourage you to mix and match any of the designs and tweak colours. If changes/modifications exceed 3 passes, our rate of $80 will be applied.

Our fastest web project took 8 hours and longest took 8 months. The 8 hour project had three times more content than the 8 month project. So, the answer is, the time is 95% controlled by you. We find that our dear clients who have their stuff organized and put together get their projects completed faster. Those who are a little scattered, not so well.

For example, if you are wanting to do a print ad, have all your final copy ready to go along with images and document specifications. If you have several files, naming them properly like girlwithbasket.jpg and not img_23$%4596940545.jpg will make you our favourite client.

But just to make a teeny disclaimer to cover our behind, note that web live dates/project completion dates are dependent on our / subcontractor’s current production schedule (if any).

Because of the intricacies of web design, we usually work on this on a case by case basis in terms of set up and design, however the same general rules apply. You are allowed 3 rounds of revisions for changes/modifications after web design is completed. If changes/modifications exceed 3 passes, our hourly rate of $80 will be applied. Once the design has been finalized, remaining balance is due before the site is made live (Please see section 8: Balance Due). You will receive a project sign off form stating that the project is now closed. Typically, if everything goes according to plan, a website can be accomplished within 4 weeks. Ecommerce usually takes a little while longer.

8. Balance Due

Print Project
Final balance is due before we hand over any final high resolution artwork

Web Project
Final balance is due before any website goes live or by 2 months from start of project, whichever comes first. If balance is not received by 2 months, a monthly interest fee of 2% will be applied.

Halted Project
If your project is halted (for reason on client end) and exceeds 3 months time, a re-activation fee of $200 will be applied for us to restart your project.

9. It Doesn't End Here!

Web Content Updates
Once your website has been completed, you will probably need to update it once in a while. Freshen up your content with new images and content, so that it doesn’t become stagnant.

We offer Web Maintenance Services. If you need to swap out a slider image or update information on pages, we can certainly help you. We do teach you how to maintain your own website (on certain web packages) however we understand that you are busy. If you need contact updates to your website, we are always available.

Backups + Security
We don’t want to be fear mongers, but one time, we had a client contact us in desperation on a Sunday morning right before their 11 am Church service saying that their website has been hacked by the worst possible case scenario. Instead of directing new church members to the service location, it was now directing them to call a 1-800 number to have late night chats accompanied with unsightly images.

It pays to have regular maintenance backups and security to avoid situations like this. Trust us.

Check out our packages here.

All pricing is in CAD (Canadian Dollars) unless otherwise specified.


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