Should I Have My Logo Redesigned?

By October 10, 2018Business, Design

Should I Have My Logo Redesigned?

The question of the century to every business owner who needs to keep up with the ever changing current times. The 5 most common reasons I find where business owners often shy away from a logo redesign / refresh are:

  • Cost – It isn’t just the cost of the logo, it’s web updates, it’s redoing business cards, all print material, and signage (if any). If you are a huge company, this can cost millions. If you are a small business owner, then you are lucky.
  • Fear – that their current audience may not remember who they are.
  • Backlash – Like these 5 examples here.
  • Stuck in 1980 – just can’t seem to let their baby go.
  • Unaware – unfortunately some clients just don’t know that their logo is unattractive.

When should a logo be redone?

  • If it has more than 3 primary and secondary colours.
  • If it has beveled edges.
  • If it has drop shadows.

OK, OK, I’ll be serious.

  • If you feel that your logo is outdated.
  • If you feel that it’s time to refresh your brand.
  • If you are changing the direction of your company or merging with another.
  • If you are considering getting a new website or updating the look of your website.

If you are unsure, ask a few professional logo designers for their thoughts.

Can my new logo affect sales?

I must confess that I once made a decision NOT to buy a certain refrigerator because their logo was ugly. Not only was the logo ugly, but it was gold. And the thought of seeing a gold plated logo branded on the top right face of a stainless steel fridge every single day for the next 10 or so years made me not want to go into my kitchen ever.

But of course, my brain is not typical of any other person (or so my husband says). But my personal answer to this question is definitely a BIG YES.

Changing your logo doesn’t just stop there.

It’s like going to a wedding and getting your face all made up, but not bothering to do anything with your hair. Yes, your logo is the foundation of your brand, but don’t just leave it there. Consider ALL your branding. You will need to give your website a similar facelift to match.

Nothing makes a designer more happy then when their client says “Yes! please freshen up everything!”. I feel sorry for the designer who has a new blank canvas for a website, but working with a really outdated logo unable to convince the client that a refresh is necessary. Been there, done that. It feels like a case of the Mondays.

Things to consider before you go under the knife.

Of course, a lot of factors come into play before you can make a decision like this. How old is your company? 5 years? 10 years? 50 years? How many employees do you have, 3? 25? 1000? Are you an internationally recognized brand with millions of followers? Or a local business? Are you willing to take the risk and put your brand loyalty on the line? Depending on your answers, it could significantly drive up your cost.

What if my customers hate it?

You can’t please everyone. Expect to hear from the naysayers. There are always opinionated haters EVERWHERE and you cannot avoid this. My advice is to find a really really good and talented Logo Designer whom you completely trust to redo your logo. He/she will give you a few options to choose from and you can tweak things as you go along. Go with your gut. If your gut is untrustworthy, trust your very talented logo designer, whom obviously, you hired for a reason.

Please, don’t ask your Aunt what she thinks. Unless she is a really good logo designer.

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