One day, about 11 years ago, someway or another, Marina and Cher met through an online forum that connects like minded people to help each other out in the area that they excelled at. Marina, a designer, and Cher, a developer, needed each other for things that the other didn’t know how to do.

And that’s basically how it all started.


They are not a jack of all trades. They are masters of their own craft. To get a functional website site that not only meets web compliance standards but achieves beauty at the same time involves more than one person.

Databases, Bootstrap and CSS are words that will never be in Marina’s vocabulary, likewise, Clipping Paths, Clone Tool, and Vector Illustrations will never be in Cher’s either. And they are ok with that. That’s why they make a great team.

They have also brought in other industry professionals whom they have worked with to contribute to projects. Together, they form Creative Lounge.

Cher and Marina work within the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area. But they service clients around the globe.