Fee Schedule
If your project is less than $250, full payment is required before commencement of any work. This balance must be paid in full before we send over any final artwork or before your website goes live. Failure to pay the balance will incur interest charges of 2% per month. If your project is over $250, we require a non refundable 50% deposit before commencement of any work. Balance is to be paid upon project completion or within 45 days whichever comes first.

Payment Methods
An invoice will be sent to you via email. You have the option to pay via:

  • Credit Card / Paypal
    The invoice in the email will give you the option to pay directly online through Paypal or credit card.
  • In Canada: Email Money Transfer


We take pride our work and will do our best to complete the design according to your specifications. By going through our design process, we should stay on track with the project. However, should there be any discrepancy, we will handle them on a case by case basis.

If you have selected a design concept that has been presented and agree to the next round of changes or revisions, refunds will not be given at any stage beyond this. Refunds will only be given before the project has commenced.

There will be no refunds on the 50% deposit. After this phase, we will handle refunds on a case by case basis.

Web Updates

Pay As You Go
We will provide you an estimated time to complete the design task before moving forward with execution. We round up to the nearest half hour.

This option allows you to pay in advance. We will provide you an estimated time to complete the design task before moving forward with execution. Note that pre-payment is:

  • valid for 1 year.
  • no refunds will be given on time that is unused.
  • no carry over time is allowed to the next year.
  • each request has a 15 minute minimum and are utilized in 15 minute chunks.

Can I modify the design on my own?

We use the Adobe Creative Suite for design. Unless you have this software, you won’t be able to edit any of the graphics that we created for you on your own.

For Web Design, we design using WordPress and this is 100% editable and can be maintained by you once we have designed it. We will go over all of this with you when your project is finalized.


Design Credit
The majority of our work comes through word of mouth. We kindly request that a small link to our website appear at the bottom of each webpage and be displayed for as long as our design is publicly on the internet, regardless of where your site is hosted or maintained.

Creative Lounge retains copyright of all design work until final payment is made after which the copyright will then belong to the client. If contract is terminated before work is completed, all design work will remain copyright of Creative Lounge. Creative Lounge and its subcontractors retain the right to display graphics and other design elements as samples of their work in their respective portfolios. A little blurb will appear on the footer of your website that will say “Designed by Creative Lounge”, with a link back to www.creativelounge.ca.


Starting a Design Project is not as daunting as it may seem. Read our Get Started Guide and Contact Us to start your project.

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