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Remembering where he left his keys

Why I love what I do

I love the process of creating something from absolutely nothing, which is probably why graphic design was the creative field I took the most interest in. When your job is to use visuals to communicate a message, having the ability to start from scratch offers the most room for creativity.

A little about Nick

A freelance graphic designer and founder of Logos By Nick LLC — a boutique design shop in Philadelphia that specializes in branding-specific design.

Nick’s passion for design began back in the late 90’s when he learned how to code HTML and use design software as a hobby, starting at the age of 13. This sent him down a long path that he is still on today.

Since 2011 he has worked professionally as a graphic designer and in that time have served over 1,000 different clients on a freelance basis. Notable clients include Johnson & Johnson and Prudential.

All of this has been made possible by a genuine passion I have for design, as well as a never-ending curiosity to learn more and more about business and marketing.

You can also find him at: